Routine Love 30

I’m sorry, guys! I just officially released mirror and I had some other stuff going on. In fact, I started this episode today. Please, bear with me.

I have been running on empty for two months now. I just became a robot immediately we resumed two months ago. It was a marathon semester and this is the first week of my final exams. I guess that’s what kept me going all these weeks. The thought that I have just one semester left and shouldn’t fuck it up because of love or some guys that are not even worth it. I went to Akinfenwa’s office but the secretary said there was no one bearing that name. I don’t remember ever getting his surname. Sometimes when I think of how stupid I have become, I just want to cry myself to sleep. I could pop at anytime; my feet are swollen; my back feels like I have been lugging bricks all day and let’s not even start with my right thigh but I made sure I prepared hard for this exam.i can no longer hide my pregnancy anymore, so, I’m sporting a top and jeans. My pregnancy is shooting out from beneath. Contrary to what I thought, everyone has been so nice to me and supportive. Even Priye even though he grumbles all through. Like yesterday when he helped me with clearing my apartment. What did I ever do to deserve such goodness? I just feel blessed. My plan is to stay back after my exams, not like I have anywhere else to go, and deliver here since I’m even doing my antenatal here. I will go home after I have. Maybe the baby will soften my dad’s heart. It has to. Ronke gave up calling after some weeks. I know why she was calling me. Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock would. A blog in Ghana is still running gist about me till this moment. I can’t even comprehend.

“The only question they can ask me in this exam that would make me get a straight ‘A’ is the definition of broke.” Tito says and pulls at her lower eyelids in desperation. “Imagine this.” She says and she spreads her arms. “Number one question, what does it mean to be broke? Wouldn’t that be lovely? I can write a whole essay on that chapter.”

I smile fondly at her. She has also been a pillar of strength for me. In fact, she has been a major one. I did not see Anu once during the past week but I have been keeping tabs on her through Tito. I was told she had been slipping in and out of consciousness for a while but she came out fully two weeks ago. Tito also said she would be coming  for the exams from the hospital. I love her spirit and I’m so sorry I hurt her. If she would only give me a chance to apologize…

“See Anu.” Tito’s voice rings out and I look up. Anu is limping towards the examination hall on crutches. Two people are following closely behind her. I don’t know what to do. Should I approach her? Do I want confrontation few minutes before I sit for an exam? What do I do? I’m going to have to do this sometime. Why not now? Oh God please help me.

“Hi” I say in a small voice when I reach them, Anu and Tito. Anu faces me and I’m hit by the various levels of healing going on on her face. Oh God, I’m a terrible person. 

“Bitch.” She says but I can see humor playing around her lips. 

“I’m so sorry.” I say and take the few steps left to touch her hurriedly. I pull her in a hug as tears fall.

“It’s okay. I figured since I can’t be a mother again, Amma settle for god other.” She says as she returns my hug, awkwardly. I don’t release her for several minutes. “Aww. I’m feeling dizzy. You gotta let go.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.” I say as I release her and step away from her. I wipe away my tears and force a smile. “Let’s do this.” I make sure she is sitting next to me and I allow her copy all my work. An invigilator catches us but he takes a good look at the both of us and just walks on ignoring us. The second time he catches us, he doesn’t even spare us another glance.

When we finished with the exam, we walk with Anu as she limps back into the ambulance.

“Should we follow you?”I ask.

“No need.” She says, looking down at my belly. I blush as I try to pull my top over it. “You need to rest.” She advises. “And you too.” She says to Tito.

“But…” Tito attempts.

“No buts.” Anu cuts her off. “You’ve done enough for me. Go read for your exams. See you tomorrow, guys.” She says and turns towards the ambulance.

We watch the ambulance zoom off.

“Well, that’s quite a relief.” Tito says and I turn to her. I didn’t even know I was holding my breath all this while till I released it. “I guess love really does work wonders.”

“Love?”I ask, bewildered.

“Yes. The car that hit her when she was on the bike was for the son of the ex-governor. He has been in her ward more than me. WHY Do you think she is having all this VIP treatment?”


“Yeah, wow.  He loves her like crazy. They always made me jealous. I wish I was as lucky as both of you, you know.” She says and my countenance changes.”I mean if Tom had not turned out to be a wife beater, just imagine… Maybe I would just pick a friend of Tom or Gbeminija and we would all be rich and famous.” She was the one that kept me strong when my weak self wanted to throw caution to wind and fly out to see Akintomide. She reminded me he beats women and wants nothing with me. Every. single. Time. She is a blessing. Our tough pep tals always did wonders. If not for her constant mental support, I don’t know what I would be doing right now.

I sigh out and link her right arm with my left arm and my fingers with hers as we walk towards the main road. I pat her hand with my other hand. “We are going to be okay. Let’s just work hard and make our own money. Then, we would be rich and famous. Deal?” I ask.

“You got it.” She says and we pick pace as much as my swollen feet would allow.