Mirror 2b

The way she smiles in her sleep. It brings two very pole ended emotions in me. Both of them induced by overprotectiveness. I wish I could just go to their house and ask who the guy is. I couldn’t sleep all through the night. I was just tossing and turning. I was awake and staring at their window when the other  lady drew her curtain open. I wish it could just stay open for today. I want to see her and be sure she doesn’t need anything. When she wakes up and starts inching out of bed without opening her eyes, I want to leave before she sees me but I can’t help but remain rooted to the spot. Fola!  I’m chastising myself when her eyes meet mine. She frowns a bit and walks to her window still staring at me. It’s funny that she is angry at ‘me’. I smile at the thought just as she draws her curtain close. More like Slam it. Well, if she has the strength to do that, then there is no need to worry. 

My phone vibrates in my pocket. I fish it out.

What do you think you are doing? Lmao. 

I turn to see Sam by the door.

Why do you walk like you walk on water. I didn’t even hear you.

He gives me a look and smiles at me. He likes it when I joke around with my condition. 

This heat is getting intense. Are you going to hide here forever?

I’m not but even if I’m going to come out, I won’t fully. My father was a dangerous formidable man. Look at me. Do I look like I’m ready to fit into his shoes.

What is wrong with you? If you were more extroverted you would be pulling girls off of you. Don’t put yourself down like that, Fola. You are better than many people.

I smile. 


You are running out of time.


You have what it takes. 

I turn back to the closed window and breathe in deeply. My life is fucked up.

I see arty templates before I see her. She is struggling with large templates. Her hair is disheveled. Her jean is torn. Her top should be written off.  All of these but I wish I had her life. A life oblivious of mine.

She glances at her wrist watch as she struggles to fit all her equipment to the trunk of her death trap. 

I’m wondering where she is going at this time when my phone vibrates again.

What’s your decision? It is Sam.

I will make it at the end of the week but I’m not rushing into anything.


“If you think I will just release my child to you like that, you have another think coming! I will fight you tooth and nail. You and your mother.” Fareedah disconnected and hissed. She was afraid but she couldn’t show it. The Omiatas could smell fear and when they did, they pounced on it and shredded the carrier till they have drained the last drop of blood. There was a time she was in love with Olumide but now, she couldn’t even find an iota of it. The day she found out their true source of money was the day she gave up on the family. She was lucky she stumbled upon the truth before it was too late. Their family was despicable. She thought and shivered. She was literate and whatever they wanted to do, she would meet them toe to toe. If push comes to shove, she would use both juju and law.


“What did she say?” Olumide’s mother asked.

Olumide was getting irritated by all of this. They were in his office which was very very large. Everything in the room was large and spoke of class even the door knob.  He stood abruptly and hit his fist on the large desk. “I told you to let me handle this but you wouldn’t listen! Fareedah is not an easy girl like that. One has to be tactful when dealing with her. She is my wife. I know her.”

“I don’t know why you keep blaming me for all this. I wanted her gone. How was I to know she was pregnant? I want my grandchild, Olumide. You are my only son. Your cousins have been trying to infiltrate. None of them will inherit this fortune. Over my dead body.” She stated strongly. “Over my dead body.”

“She is not ready to release the child, mother. There is little we can do about that.” Olumide said resignedly.

“You just have your father’s blood running through your veins. You don’t have his fire.” She stood up too. “Does she know you are dying?” She asked. Olumide looked away. “I won’t lose my grandson too.” She said and walked out of the office.

Olumide stood staring for some minutes then flopped down in the chair. He hated his family just as much as Fareedah did if not more but it had become a part of him. 

After all, he was Olumide Omiata- Richards.


I hope I’m not confusing anyone with all these events and people.

10 thoughts on “Mirror 2b

  1. Honestly i neva once imagined i’ll eva b intrested in Nigerian fiction bt u changed ma perspective…U’re awesome! its lyk u just sit in front of ur computer and magic flows out… u bring everything alive nd its like watching a movie where everyone is allowed 2 see d movie d way dey wnt 2…D imagery is so clear! Nt just saying dis 4 fun bt u put d likes of Nora Roberts, Johanna Lindsey on deir toes… U’re rily d best…I rily hope u bcm a big tym celebrity…I’ll happily stay in line 2 get ur autograph.


  2. The different puzzle pieces are starting to fit,the story is unfolding nicely and I like me some suspense!cant wait for the next episode


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